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Provide the university community with effective, reliable, and secure technology and library services, backed by excellent customer service, to support the university's academic, research, and administrative goals.


The Information Technology Division strives to empower the University community to achieve its varied instructional, research, and business services objectives by:

  • Providing and sustaining robust information technology infrastructure resources.
  • Creating and supporting interactive, student-centered learning environments, effective management systems, and associated support services.
  • Assisting our clients in identifying and accessing relevant information resources and becoming discerning consumers of information.


  • Provide information technology infrastructure that meets the needs of the university to communicate both internally and externally and to connect with informational resources effectively, efficiently, ethically and securely.    
  • Acquire, develop and provide access to information resources that support the research, teaching, learning and administrative needs of the university.    
  • Enhance university research, teaching and learning by providing information resources, the application of technology, and the pursuit of progressive, collaborative initiatives driven by the university's strategic plan.    
  • Enable improved university administration through effective information and technology management.    
  • Provide support services that meet the needs of students, faculty, staff and the broader university community.    
  • Develop and manage diverse IT division organizational and human resources to enable effective, efficient and ethical support of the university's information technology needs.